God's protection towards his children: The evil plot of Haman


In the book of Esther chapter 3 in the holy bible, we learn of a man named Haman, who was an agagite ( a descendant of agag, one of the early kings of the amalekites, whom king Saul spared, in an act of  disobedience to God - 1 Samuel 15 vs 1 - 11). 

Here it is of note that, Haman took a disliking to mordecai who was a jew, and friend of king Xerxes of the medes and persians. 

This aversion towards mordecai by haman, was one which grew as a result of mordecai's incessant refusal to bow down to haman. 

Haman was a senior royal official, whose position demanded that all other royal court workers paid obeisance to him, as it was an order issued by King Xerxes himself. However mordecai remained defiant in bowing down to haman, due to God's second commandment, which says we must not bow down in worship to any entity other than God (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Overtime haman got to know about this, as word got to him from other workers that a subordinate with the name mordecai, had continually declined to prostrate before him. It got haman furious, spurning him to hatch a plan to annihilate the entirety of mordicai's race, the Jews, including mordicai himself.

We also know from the book of Daniel chapter 2 and 7, that God had foretold the springing up of the kingdom of Medes and Persians, long before it even ever existed, so many decades after king nebuchadnezzar of the kingdom of babylon had passed away, (during daniel's lifetime). 

How quickly the foes of God, forget his preeminence and creatorship? 

Despite that just stated, haman certainly was not an Israelite, and as such couldn't have had much or any knowledge of an existing creator, called Jehovah. He was a pagan and therefore did not know God.

Towards verse 7, God as we know it, intervened in the situation and delivered the Jews from the hands of haman who sought after their lives. God turned haman's plot against him and granted the jews safety in chapter 8 of the old testament book of Esther.

As Christians, we ought to always watch and pray to enable us to be proactive concerning the happenings arounds us, so that we can effectively communicate with God to come to our aid whenever we find ourselves in problematic circumstances. 

Bearing this in mind, we can be rest assured that God knows what is best for us, and will see to it that we ultimately turnout to be just what he intends, according to his plans for our lives.

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