The importance of an all encompassing prayer: Because God's word only does what he intends it to, nothing more

God almighty came down from heaven, so that he could give his laws to all nations,  starting from the ancient Israelites in the time of moses, as recorded in exodus chapter 19. 

God went on to narrate a very broad description of what the isrealites were expected to do, and what they weren't permitted to do. Although it is worthy to note that thousands of years have passed since then. This translates to about 3,600 years ago. 

Yes, new vocabularies have emerged,  new trends are also manifesting in our time, but the fundamental principles have not changed.

Even though all terminologies that are now in use, cannot be found in the bible, we can easily understand what God still tells us in his word, especially in the case of  differentiating between good and evil. It evidently remains clear, when basing it on truth. 

This draws us to the reality that not all possible occurrences, were adequately provided with a corresponding guide/law,  among all the laws given in the holy scriptures. For example, there is no biblical law to remedy the damage that can be done by a hacker who infects a website with a virus. So, this concept further draws us into the happenings that occurred in the life of job. 

In the book of job 1 vs 18 - 19, we learn that job unfortunately loses his children to Satan's witty attack. This is shown in the verse below; 

"18 While he was still speaking, another also came and said, “Your sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their oldest brother’s house, 19 and suddenly a great wind came from across the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell on the young people, and they are dead; and I alone have escaped to tell you!”" - Job 1:18 - 19 (New King James Version)

You might wonder why God allowed Satan to take away the lives of job's children. Certainly, it would not have happened if God had given satan further instructions, warning him to also not touch the lives of the children of job, in addition to job's life. This is where the devil cleverly took advantage of his opportunity to cause more harm than was necessary. From the book of job 1 vs 12, God's word evidently went out from his mouth to perform an action of protection on job's life alone, (not inclusive of that of his wife). Satan might had tried to end job's life,  but of course we know that it would be impossible for anything to kill job at the time, because of God's word of reassuring safety on the life of job. We don't know why Satan decided to leave job's wife unharmed as well, but the fact is that only job and his wife were spared among other members of their immediate family.

The point of this bible study:

Jesus Christ our saviour, specifically tells us in the book of John 16 vs 23, that we should feel free to request anything from God, that will glorify his name.  Whether it be a toothache, waist pain or even about family issues. Whenever the doers of God's law,  make their needs and wants known to God through a humble but heartfelt prayer, he hears and may decide to answer if he so wishes. Be informed now, that a prayer not supplicated to God is a problem you are experiencing, but have not told God about. More than likely, he won't provide you with an answer because you haven't involved him in your battles.  Tell God about your heart desires today! He is your friend and confidant. Hallelujah, amen. 

By so doing, you are increasing your probable chances of an increased divine  protection by giving God specific details of what you need. Unlike job's children who were left without any extra layer of divine protection from satan.

Remember rahab, the harlot from jericho (in joshua 2 vs 9 - 21). Here, she was wise enough to make the spies she saved to swear an oath in the name of God (of which God acts impartially on). This she did in other for her to have her assured safety.  This act was embarked on by rahab, because if she hadn't done this she would have been killed, as it occurred in the life of balaam, in Joshua 13 vs 22, (due to his inaction to make a life-assuring agreement with God). 

This might be further startling for many believers, as to how how a prostitute knew something, that a prophet did not. 

Be decisive, and insure your life in God today by making a continuous holistic prayer to God for yourself, family, friends and acquaintances.  Who knows, God may decide to show you his lavish acts of love until your cup overflows, (as envisioned in psalm 23 vs 5). Stay blessed. 

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