God loves you


The holy bible tells us that God created the world and the entire universe in the book of genesis chapter 1. 
God also created the first human beings who ever walked on the face of the earth, during this prehistoric time. 

Although the early creation was made by God to be perfect. We all know that the world isn't perfect today. There are a whole lot of bad things happening in the world, which occur on a daily basis. These include murder, theft, fraud and disrespect among the youth toward their parents, and so on. 

God saw all these and decided to send his only begotten son to save the world, as recorded in John 3 vs 16. 
However, you may doubt this because of life's persistent troubles or because of some other personal reasons. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is something no one can really purchase or is worthy of. 

Nevertheless, God loves you so much. He may not have your wallet refilled with money from heaven, every week, but he has done something far more valuable than that for you. He has given you the privilege and right to be his child only if you trust in Jesus Christ as your only saviour, and keep on obeying the commandments of God, so that you will have eternal life in heaven. 

You can take this opportunity by saying a prayer of repentance, by telling God that you admit that you need his divine intervention in your life, through Jesus Christ, his co-equal personality, who is one among his full trinity makeup, to save you from an impending disaster of hell. 

Speak to yourself, by so doing you are talking to God. He is a very powerful living being. 
One of his abilities, as you may be able to relate to from many sci-fi movies, is that of telepathy. God can read your thoughts and even control it as well, although the latter is one which which he only exercises on certain instances that demands his divine  intervention. 

If you've made that prayer as a result of a remorseful repentance from past sins, you will then begin to experience a loving friendship with God, which you will need to sustain by reading the holy bible on a daily basis, and also by participating in a periodic fellowship of Christ-minded people, such as a church gathering. 

Stay blessed. 

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