Obedience to Constituted Authority

Titus, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, encouraged the early church to be law-abiding people within their respective localities and beyond. This is recorded in Titus 3 vs 1 as shown;

"Remind people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready and willing to do good," - Titus 3:1 (Amplified Bible)

Today, we are the latter church and God still speaks to us, through this scriptural verse. As followers of Christ, it is important for us to be submissive to the laws of our States. These States can be visualised as; local districts, provinces, local governments, countries and so on. 

Our dear God in heaven, established this fact, through his word that, people must be law-abiding in order for them to please him or find favour with him.

This, having being outlined, means it is imperative that we obey this ordinance as set forth by God.

Heaven as we have learned from the scriptures in Revelations 12 vs 8, is a place where order exists. From this verse, we understand that lawless entities irrespective of their previous ranks were removed from heaven; these entities herein are referred to as Satan and other fallen angels.  

Also, there are some societal laws which are not in alignment with the principles we are expected to uphold in the scriptures. However God keeps telling us through his word, that we should follow peace with all men (Heb, 12 vs 14). He also reminds us that we should always love everyone around us, and seek the prosperity of our respective governments, for by so doing, he will in turn bless us, by blessing the entire nations. God demands this from everyone of us, and as such we must love everyone, and never judge them regardless of their beliefs or moral perceptions. 

Remember, God is the judge and not us!

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