Brethren, we live in the last days, God says so!


Daniel 2 : 1 - 49 tells of several kingdoms which ruled the entire world, right from the time of king Nebuchadnezzar up till the breakup of Rome into the ten kingdoms from which we know that modern eurpoean powers descended from.

This is basically a quick reminder that you should live your life for God, knowing that the great stone which was carved from a rock without
any human hand, falling toward the toes and shattering it to pieces, is the coming of Jesus Christ, which will put an end to the whole world, and establish the kingdom of God among men, and the kingdom of God, Jehovah tells us, will never come to an end.

We live in the last days, and remember that no one knows the day or the hour when God will bring this world to an end, not even the angels or Jesus Christ knows, but God Almighty alone knows. Stay Blessed.

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